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Posted by Lunch Lady on 3/20/12
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    Mix about a 20% solution of regular listerine mouthwash with water
    and spray the bird. That will take the natural macaw [or other
    parrot] smell away. Walmart has their own brand thats exactly the
    same but cheaper.

    Now for those of you that will bash me for what I posted, just give
    it up. I've been using that mix for all my birds, including quite a
    few hyacinths, for many many years with no ill effects. I mentioned
    it to several vets and they all say thats a great idea.

    On 3/20/12, Pete wrote:
    > On 3/20/12, GrayLady wrote:
    >> On 3/14/12, Pete wrote:
    >>> Pedro was checked by a Vet about 5 mos ago and found to be
    >>> in good health. the odors came into play since then. I was
    >>> asking about something that might clear up the odor problem
    >>> and a local source told me that Yogurt can help in some
    >>> species? I am going to get some yogurt, both Greek and regular
    >>> today and see if it helps? Any other ideas?
    >> I have not heard that about yogurt but assuming you were told to
    >> feed it to him and not try to clean him with it, (dopey I know
    >> but you never know what kind of advice some will give) it won't
    >> hurt if he will eat some. In fact if you make sure you get the
    >> active enzyme type, it will be good for his intestinal tract.
    >> Tell me about his diet and how often does he bathe? Does he get
    >> a good soaking to the skin bath?
    > I give all of my Birds a shower twice a week. I get the hand
    > held device and soak them until they look like they have been
    > completely soaked. I do not use any form of soap. I try to give
    > the Macaw extra baths when I can, but he still develops a smell
    > the next day. He eats Drs Foster + Smith Macaw Blend in his bowl
    > and gets plenty of clean, fresh water. I feed all of my Birds
    > peanuts, fruit and veggies every night before putting all of my
    > birds in their room for the night. I occasionally feed all of the
    > Birds Chicken leg and thigh bones too. they all seem to enjoy the
    > marrow and have no problems cracking the bones open to get at it.
    > I am trying the yogurt, but have not had a lot of success. The
    > other Birds do not smell, so I figure Macaws might just have a
    > stronger odor than other species?