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Posted by bird lover on 4/07/13
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    I also had a greenwing that smelled she would give off a musty
    odor at times.She did have had smelly stools and I spoon fed
    her yogurt with probotics that seemed to help some good luck!
    >> a young B+G Macaw about six months ago and it seems to
    >> give off a smell from both his body and droppings.
    > You might look up clostridium. Its a bacteria in macaws
    > guts that dont bother them, but is offensive to the human
    > nose. I have four green wings and my 15 year old hen gets
    > it now and again. The vet can perscribe baytril
    > (antibiotic) and its gone overnight. I have treated mine
    > twice now for the fould smell and it goes away litterally
    > the next morning. However, if the birds body is also
    > smelling, it sounds like something else might be going on
    > and the vet probably needs to be involved. Good Luck!