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Post: Macaw

Posted by Brenda on 4/25/12

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    Hello .. Im new here .. We meaning my hubby and I have a
    miligold macaw .. She will step up and sit on his arm and
    allow him to pet her but me she will go after my hand if I
    say to her step up and yet at other times she will put her
    little foot out for me to take her .. I have never been
    able to touch her feathers but yet she lets him .. She
    will take food from my hand but wont allow me to even
    touch those feathers.Funny cause I can let her outa her
    cage and say step up and thats when she goes for my hand
    with her beak .. But yet 3 minutes later he can say step
    up and she will to him.He works the 2nd shift from 3pm to
    11pm so Im home with her all the time and yet she prefers
    him .. I water her feed her clean her cage but yet I still
    cant pick her up as much as he can.I wanna touch her so
    bad but Im too afraid she might bite me and those beaks
    are huge. If there any thing that I can use for my hands(I
    dont even know what Im thinking here) but like maybe
    layers of leather gloves or something so that if she does
    bite maybe I wont feel it so much?? She is an older bird
    and she was hand fed as a baby but to me you would never
    know that. Goodness one day she got on my hand and I even
    walked around the house with her .. HELP ME PLEASE
    Thanks Brenda

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