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Re: Macaw

Posted by Jesse's Mom on 5/25/12
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    On 4/25/12, Brenda wrote:
    A couple of personal observations. Many female birds prefer men
    and male birds often prefer women. If her previous owner was a
    man that contributes to the problem. It would be best for your
    husband to back off awhile and let you take the lead. We
    already know she loves him now she needs to love you too.
    Bribery is always acceptable when trying to win a bird over.
    Mine loves banana chips and my niece is bribing her way into his
    heart with them. When I pass he will belong to her so she needs
    to establish a relationship now. No gloves---does she step up
    for a wooden dowel? If so use that to handle her. Let me know
    if I can help further. I am a foster for St Louis Avian Rescue
    and work primarily with large birds.

    > Thanks Brenda

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