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Re: Scarlet Macaw & B&G Macaw

Posted by Deborah De Luca on 10/02/12
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    Oh yes I still have my birds and they are all getting along very
    well. Gabby is out of the norm for a macaw..she isn't loud and
    talks softly. Chome on the other hand the one we raised makes up
    for them both..LOL. Gabby and Chome comes out together now and
    soon we will be getting them a large aviary where they will be
    housed with our Cockatoo. Gabby has also accepted Sammy.
    When we started letting them out together my husband would hold
    one and I the other. We would then trade off passing each other
    the other bird. I am so happy they are getting along and its a
    extra joy to know they both like my cockatoo, Sammy.