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Post: Scarlet Macaw & B&G Macaw

Posted by Andy & Sunny on 5/15/12

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    Hello, new here... PLEASE ADVISE!

    I was wondering if any of you have experience introducing a
    full grown parrot into a home with an existing full grown

    We just rescued a B&G and now our Scarlett is acting VERY
    aggresive toward my husband. Throws his food bowl, charges
    the cage HARD and will bite if given the chance. We did a
    bunch of research before introducing the new bird and have
    taken many steps to ensure his life is pretty much the same
    as it was before Sunny came here. If we can not figure this
    behavor issure out soon, we will have to find another home
    for the rescue especially since she is already following
    his lead in the aggressive display toward my hubby. He is
    heartbroken and frustrated with the situation, if any of
    you have any helpful info we would greatly appreciate you

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