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Re: Scarlet Macaw & B&G Macaw

Posted by Debbie on 8/27/12
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    On 5/15/12, Andy & Sunny wrote:
    > Hello, new here... PLEASE ADVISE!
    > I was wondering if any of you have experience introducing a
    > full grown parrot into a home with an existing full grown
    > parrot.
    > We just rescued a B&G and now our Scarlett is acting VERY
    > aggresive toward my husband. Throws his food bowl, charges
    > the cage HARD and will bite if given the chance. We did a
    > bunch of research before introducing the new bird and have
    > taken many steps to ensure his life is pretty much the same
    > as it was before Sunny came here. If we can not figure this
    > behavor issure out soon, we will have to find another home
    > for the rescue especially since she is already following
    > his lead in the aggressive display toward my hubby. He is
    > heartbroken and frustrated with the situation, if any of
    > you have any helpful info we would greatly appreciate you
    > input!

    My husband and I also rescued a B&G macaw. Gabby is 17 years
    old. We already have a B&G we raised from 9 weeks old that is
    now almost 3. I set Gabby and Choma's cages close together as
    the new bird had no toys, was kept outside in her cage,had
    already started plucking her feathers and fed only seeds. She
    was very scared at first and no she did not like my husband.
    What we did was let her get use to me first. In one week I was
    petting her and she was calling my name. I did not push it and
    took my time with her. I do believe she seen me loving on
    Choma and taking her out of the cage is what prompted Gabby to
    think twice that I wasn't such a bad person. I started her on
    all pellets and fresh fruits and veggies. When I handed these
    foods to her I would tell her LOVE IT. Now when I say LOVE IT
    she believes it must be good. I put lots of toys in her cage
    and after a month she is now starting to play with them. Once
    she had trust in me we had our vet come to the house to clip
    her wings. My husband can now do everything I can with her and
    she no longer lunges at him to bite him. I do believe it takes
    time. Your bird was taken from the only home and safe place it
    knew and was put in a strange place with strangers. If you
    want a forever friend give it more time. Little steps are very
    important. Your husband must take time. Maybe if he brought
    her a favorite food and put it in her bowl just to start. Good
    Luck and I do hope you don't have to let her go.