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Re: Hyacinth Macaw

Posted by jennifer on 4/16/13
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    On 9/30/12, I LOVE BLU wrote:
    > Please becareful when you take your macaw to vet. I had a
    > vet do a throat culture on my hyacinth macaw and they
    > broke his bottom beak!! They charged me 200.00 and think I
    > am going to pay this. It has since cost me a total of
    > 900.00 in expenses at a "Qualified Vet" and it will be a
    > on going thing for next whole year going to vet every 2
    > months for infection recheck and debreeding. PLEASE know
    > your vet and insist they sedate the bird for any procedure
    > putting the metal speculm in their mouths. My hyacinth now
    > is very aggitated and will lunge at me and try to bite me.
    > He also started to pluck his feathers and has many totally
    > bald spots under his wings and by his legs and above and
    > below his legs. This was my dream bird and this vet may of
    > ruined him for life now. SOOOO UPSET :((((((( :>