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Re: Scarlett Macaw

Posted by Susan Enns on 4/11/13
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    On 11/04/12, Dee wrote:
    > On 10/16/12, Amanda, this is Susan Enns . I live in Flora, Ms.
    I have a Scarlet Macaw for sale . We have had him for about 6
    yrs. now. I also have a Blue and gold macaw he is about 8 yrs.
    The Scarlet has become sexually active and wants to mate with
    the Blue and Gold however I believe they are both boys. My
    husband and I would love to find a home for Crespo (named after
    a famous soccer player). We are asking $800. including his very
    large cage.
    I love him but he must go. He has plucked the tail feathers out
    of my blue & gold macaw. My number is 601-879-3501.
    Susan Enns
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