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    Re: Scarlett Macaw

    lisa carroll

    Posted on 6/17/14
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    On 11/04/12, Dee wrote:

    > On 10/16/12, Amanda wrote:

    >> Hello, I am in search for a Scarlett Macaw or a Blue and

    >> Gold. I was almost took by a scam on another website and

    >> now have 6 children very upset about not getting their

    >> bird,especially my special need daughter (she has Turner

    >> Syndrome and Hynman Allen syndrome). We was supposed to

    >> adopt a macaw and the lady(that's being nice) was going to

    >> pay for the delivery. If anyone knows of a macaw in search

    >> of a new loving home ,please contact me. We are in

    >> Tennessee



    > If you are seriously still looking give me an e-mail with

    > your phone number and I will call you with what I may be

    > able to part with and give you a description and prices. I

    > may even be able to meet you part way. Am in MS.

    hi I am not that lady that wrote this but I saw the ppost. I
    know it is ld but I was wondering if yu might still have
    something you wuld be willing to par with? we r loking fr a
    macaw and are having n luck near us. we have one macaw now but
    lking for anther. age, sex des not matter as we are not going to
    breed. please let me knw. thanks

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