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Re: Adorable Macaw birds ready for a happy home...

Posted by leilani on 3/24/13
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    On 3/11/13, ssndra wrote:
    > These Macaw species are not only wonderful as pets, but
    > great show
    > birds. This Macaw calls are loud, but for some pet macaws
    > this can transfer
    > nicely into the ability to speak. Besides being highly
    > intelligent, these
    > Macaws have outgoing personalities and are very social.
    > adapt quickly
    > to their cage and playpen, or aviary, and are quite
    > Their
    > personality is such that they will form a close, loving
    > with their
    > keeper, and become a life-long companion. pls if u got
    > anything to ask or
    > know about these my wonderful birds, do not hesitate to
    > inquire from me.
    do you have any and how much are they and where are you
    located leilani