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    Post: i need help with an illiger macaw


    Posted on 9/11/13
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    I have an Illiger macaw who hates me and screams all day,
    He was my Grandfather baby but he passed away a few years
    ago, he was very tame for my grandfather and his girlfriend
    but seems to hate me, he was fine for the first couple of
    weeks but now he bites and screams when I feed,water and
    clean the cage this has been going on for over a year, I
    understand all parrots scream at some point during the day
    but he's none stop when he sees me,im not sure if he's of
    breeding age and if that his problem, he's a very pretty
    boy and I tell him daily what a good boy he is, just at a
    loss as to what to do :( also im unable to let him just
    play on his cage because he will come find me to

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