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    Post: interested in adopting..offering permanant loving home


    Posted on 1/15/15
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    Hello, we are interested in adopting a new feathered
    friend. We are hoping to find a feathered baby in need of a
    new forever home. We know that a lot of families have birds
    that they love, but can no longer care for, and we hope
    that we can provide a home for one, (or two) of them.
    Hopefully this will provide an option other than taking
    them to a rescue for someone. I know that if I were in this
    kind of situation I would rather know who they were going
    to, and that they will have a new, loving home, and will
    not be in a rescue for the rest of their life, which I know
    too many are. We are a pet oriented, adult couple with no
    children. We do have several other pets...3 poms, 1
    bulldog, and 2 other fur babies that we rescued, no
    kitties. We are experienced with large birds, and currently
    have an umbrella cockatoo that we have had for 20 years. He
    does get along with other birds,we have a moluccan
    cockatoo,and a greenwing macaw. We own our home and have an
    acre of private property, and no neighbors, so noise is not
    a problem. We work from home so there is always someone
    here to talk to, and play with the "kids". We do have an
    indoor and outdoor cage and play area and Java trees for
    everyone to enjoy, and plenty of room to expand for a
    friend or friends. Basically, thats about it...if you have
    any questions for us please just ask. Thank you for reading
    this! :)

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