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    Post: 19 Year old Green Wing Macaw lays multiple eggs

    Peter Murphy

    Posted on 12/08/18
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    My 19 Year old Female Green Wing Macaw laid nine infertile
    eggs in 2017, but only between Thanksgiving and New Year's
    Day. I have five Macaws(3 males and two Females) the Green
    Wing has chosen to bond with a three year old Female Blue
    and Gold Macaw and usually avoids or argues with the three
    Males. I am not a breeder and have not promoted her egg
    laying, but it started again last week. She finds a spot
    under her cage or under furniture and lays the eggs there.
    She protects her eggs and will bite me if I try to see the
    eggs. I leave food and water on the floor and hope she will
    get over the need to pay eggs. If one breaks, she lays
    another and if I take the egg away,she lays another. Can
    anyone help with some advice on what to do to stop the

    The previous owner died early last year and I purchased
    Sasha from his family. The family knows nothing about her
    laying eggs previous to selling her to me. I feed all of my
    birds a seed mix, pellets and nuts. I give them all fruit a
    couple of times a week. I do not allow the food bowls to
    get empty and they all get fresh water daily. The only
    other bird that has laid eggs is my eight year old Rose
    Breasted Cockatoo and she too has no mate. I have only had
    her for about six months and she is bonded to a Cockatiel.

    Do I feed them too much or is the bird room too warm or
    what is being done wrong? Thanks. Pete

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