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Post: Cockatoo and Cockatiel bonded?

Posted by Jolene on 1/08/07

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    I have 4 parrots who live in cages in my living room.
    This concerns my 7-8yo Umbrella Cockatoo "Jack" and my 6-
    7yo Cockatiel "Wave-o".

    They live separated by another parrot's cage, but they
    have a line of sight with each other. Wave-o has always
    been a little bit of a cassanova...he wolf-whistles at the
    others when I bring him close to their cages, gets all
    fidgety, and this behavior is especially pronounced when I
    bring him close to Jack. Sometimes I take Jack out to
    hang out with me in the kitchen or bedroom and Wave-o
    whistles this high-pitched howl-type scream over and over
    until he can see Jack again...and then he's quiet. Jack
    doesn't seem especially worried or attached to Wave-o at
    all. I take them all out individually at different times,
    but this is the only scenario where I hear the loud

    I guess Wave-o's got some kind of one-sided bond with
    Jack? Has anyone else heard something like this? I feel
    bad because he came to me as a rescue and although I was
    told he was an only bird...I'm starting to wonder. Or
    maybe he just bonded with Jack. It's really weird. I
    don't really understand it - has anyone else had something
    like this happen in a flock? Just wondering...

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