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Re: Macaw loosing feathers

Posted by Dave on 1/15/07
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    On 1/14/07, Gwen wrote:
    > On 1/13/07, Charles J. Kane wrote:
    >> Please does anyone knows why my macaw is loosing small
    >> amount of feathers I would be very grateful for any answer
    >> Mr. Kane of San Juan, Puerto Rico
    > Mr. Kane,
    > Your macaw is probably just beginning to molt. :) Nothing
    to worry about it's
    > normal.

    Gwen, a lot of them are going thru a molt now. Mine just
    started getting in some new tail feathers in the last few
    weeks. My Greenwing just finnished a heavy molt and now its
    the Amazons turn. It looks like a down pillow exploded in side
    his This is normal. You won't see "bald spots"
    but you will see lots of feathers around. Dave