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Re: Is sage safe?

Posted by Dave on 1/16/07
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    On 1/15/07, Kate wrote:
    > Hi all! :)
    > I was just wondering if sage is safe or toxic to bird?
    > Does anyone have links with a comprehensive list of toxic
    > and safe plants/woods/foliage etc. for birds? I've done
    > investigating, but the sites I've found do not list sage
    > -but they have mostly been short lists. I want to be on the
    > safe side and not cause harm to my birds! :)
    > Thanks!
    > Kate

    There's many large lists of toxic plants--trees---bushes---
    foods etc to be found. Go to any browser and type in 'plants
    that are toxic to parrots' or 'foods that are toxic to
    parrots' or 'list of safe plants or ( foods--fruits--
    vegetables). Just have to look for them and not look for a
    certain link, just type in sentences.
    Sage is listed as a bush, plant, and vegetable. The bushes
    and plants are not good for parrots so also stay away from
    edible sage vegetables. There's many other things to choose
    from. Whether or not it's toxic isn't important. What is
    important is that it can make a parrot sick-----Dave