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Re: Is sage safe?

Posted by Kate on 1/17/07
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    Thanks for the tips for looking for a list. Most of the list I
    have found seem to not be as comprehensive as I would have like. I
    figured too it would be good to have a complete and comprehensive
    list of toxic plants, foods, etc. to keep on hand.

    I am not looking to feed sage to my birds. It would be used in the
    bird room in order to deter flies. Even after cleaning cages every
    day, I still have a fly problem (lucky me! lol lol). They are only
    in the bird room.
    I have read that fruit flies don't like sage, so I thought if I
    had some sage plants in the room, maybe the flies would decide to
    leave the bird room!

    But if/since it seems to not be safe for's back to the
    drawing board! Anybody have tips for getting rid of flies after
    all the usual stuff doesn't work??

    On 1/17/07, Toby's Mom wrote:
    > I think Dave is correct that there are alot of different
    > varities of sage. And, I ask, why would you even want to feed
    > your bird sage? We grow Russian sage and salvia (which is a
    > purple/white flower and variety of sage) in our garden and it
    > is so pungent that the deer won't even eat it. And, let me
    > tell you there are very few things that deer won't eat.
    > Because sage is so strong smelling and tasting, I would never
    > consider giving it to a parrot. Not sure birds will eat it any
    > way as I've never seen wild birds eating sage. Wild birds do
    > love the seeds produced by our coneflowers, monarda, and
    > zinnias though.
    >>> I was just wondering if sage is safe or toxic to bird?
    >> There's many large lists of toxic plants--trees---bushes---
    >> foods etc to be found. Go to any browser and type in 'plants
    >> that are toxic to parrots' or 'foods that are toxic to
    >> parrots' or 'list of safe plants or ( foods--fruits--
    >> vegetables). Just have to look for them and not look for a
    >> certain link, just type in sentences.
    >> Sage is listed as a bush, plant, and vegetable. The bushes
    >> and plants are not good for parrots so also stay away from
    >> edible sage vegetables. There's many other things to choose
    >> from. Whether or not it's toxic isn't important. What is
    >> important is that it can make a parrot sick-----Dave