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Re: Is sage safe/Fruit Fly Repeller

Posted by LauraJ on 1/18/07
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    My local Walmart carries the Bug Zappers. I use them outside during the
    summer because of the mosquitos. I've never used them inside but I dont
    see why they wouldn't work. Good luck.


    On 1/17/07, Kate wrote:
    > Hmmmm...Thanks Dave!
    > I will most certainly check it out this weekend. If it works, I will
    > be forever grateful! :) There's only so much cleaning of the cages a
    > person can do before they start to go crazy!! lol lol
    > It's off to the hardware stores for me!
    > Thanks again!
    > Kate
    > On 1/17/07, Dave wrote:
    >> =======================================================
    >> There's an item that's made by different companies, comes in
    >> different strengths and can be used both indoors and outdoors (
    >> larger models are used outdoors). The item is used for regular
    >> flies, fruit flies, mosquitos and moths and many other flying
    >> insects.
    >> This item can be purchased at garden shops, large dept stores such
    >> as Home Depot or Lowes which have garden sections. It's known as a
    >> Bug Stinger or Bug Zapper depending upon the company.
    >> I'll give you a rough description but it's best that you actually
    >> see the item. First off, you would need the small size which is
    >> used indoors and has a special type 7 watt flourscent bulb. This
    >> item is shaped differently depending on which company makes it.
    >> It's a hard plastic square or rectangular or cone shaped frame
    >> that has slots in it and has an electic wire grid inside of it.
    >> The grid surrounds the bulb. The light attracts the flies. It
    >> flies through the outer frame to land on the bulb. It must get
    >> through the grid and when it tries to, it touches the grid and the
    >> bug is then electricuted.
    >> The item is bird safe because the bird can't get into the frame.
    >> When the larger ones are used outdoors, the small wild birds hang
    >> around so that they can eat any of the dead bugs that drop to the
    >> ground. When the item zaps moths, frogs come around to eat the
    >> dead bugs. I have 3 of these items, all in different sizes and
    >> it's been extremely successful in keeping all types of flying bugs
    >> away.
    >> But as I said, it's best to go and look at the item in the store.
    >> A small zapper will cost between $13 to $15.
    >> You would simply have to place the zapper in an area opposite to
    >> the birds that will draw the flies to it, indoors or outdoors------
    >> ---Dave