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Post: Need "Legal Eagle" help ASAP

Posted by Rowena on 1/16/07

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    Long story short, our shelter had a B&G surrendered to us
    in the middle of the night last November. The previous
    owner was homeless and addicted poor girl! We took the
    bird out of a terrible living situation and have
    rehabilitated him, vetted him, and have him adopted out to
    a new home.

    Now, the previous owner is trying to get him back saying
    she needs him to pay off a money debt to her supplier.

    She did not sign a surrender form at the time, but we have
    verifiable witnesses to state that she came to us and
    requested that we take her bird. Including the manager of
    the pet shop where she had used to work.

    What can or need we do to both protect this bird and
    ourselves? Any "legal eagles" out there? Thanks.

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