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Re: Nest box size ?

Posted by LauraJ on 1/18/07
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    On 1/17/07, Dave wrote:
    > On 1/17/07, macaw wrote:
    >> HI
    >> Can anyone please tell me the right sized nest box for
    >> mini Yellow-Collared Macaws .
    >> Thank You
    > Yellow-collared macaws like vertical wooden nest boxes
    > approximately 12 inches by 12 inches by 24 inches. Macaws
    > should have alot of chewing material in a box. Pine shavings
    > make very good nest box bedding.----Dave

    I use an L shaped box for mine. The size is the same as Dave
    recommended except it is 24 inches long. They are always in and
    out of the box but so far have not produced for me.