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Re: Bald Spot

Posted by Tammy on 1/21/07
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    Also birds like Cockatoos, CAG and others have a patch near
    their crop/chest area that really doesn't have feathers either,
    if they molt out the larger body feathers it can look like a
    plucked area too.


    On 1/21/07, Tom wrote:
    > On 1/21/07, Gina wrote:
    >> I am have seen the other questions on molting, but see if
    >> the area looks like a bald spot - what does that mean? We
    >> were looking at Howard, as he is molting, but there is one
    >> area on his chest that appears to have a small bald spot i
    >> think.
    >> Thanks for helping us -
    >> Ken and Gina
    > A normal molting would be an even loss of feathers over a
    > period of time.
    > When you find a true bald spot, this could be an indication
    > of plucking, but not always.
    > Keep watching Howard and if this truly is a part of his
    > molting process, it will correct itself shortly.
    > If it is plucking, the spot will remain bald or even get
    > larger.