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Re: rusting cockatiel cage

Posted by Debby on 2/02/07
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    Hi Kim,

    Yes rust is toxic to a bird, never put a bird in a rusty cage.
    The only safe way to do it would be to redo the whole cage,
    which you would have to strip and have it powder coated. Its
    much easierI belive and cheaper to buy a new cage. For a
    cockatiel they are not that expensive. Good luck with your rescue

    > I have an older cockatiel cage that I got out of storage
    > bc I was thinking about adopting a cockatiel from my local
    > shelter. It has started to rust slightly and I was
    > wondering if this is toxic to the bird or if there was
    > anything I can spray on it to refinish it? Any info would
    > be great