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Re: Look what I caught today!

Posted by Meeko's Mom on 2/04/07
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    too cute !

    On 2/03/07, Denise in MI wrote:
    > OK... for the past 2 days I have been a screaming Mimi
    > around here.
    > I have been yelling at everyone after you play with the
    > P'lets make sure the cage is closed. Now mind you I don't
    > have children, Mine are 23,21,18, and a full grown
    > husband. They all can't keep their hands out of the cage.
    > So today the P'lets got out again, and it was just me...I
    > know I close the cage good... now who do I yell I
    > decided to get my trusty little camera, and what to my
    > surprise!
    > Check it out for yourself!
    > Check out this video I posted on You Tube... My escape
    > artist
    > Denise
    > [b][/b]