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Re: D.Y.H. Amazon Parrot

Posted by Hal on 2/13/07
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    On 2/13/07, Sharon wrote:
    > I seen a beauthful D.Y.H amazon at a local pet store.
    > However the bird is not banded. When I ask how old he\she
    > was. At first the man dident say anything then he said
    > three years old. Are there any singes I can look for that
    > would tell age? Thank you verry much for your time, and
    > God Bless

    It's very hard to tell an age of a bird from physical
    characteristics. Sometimes, but not always, the skin of the
    feet and condition of the nails can indicate age to a trained
    eye, but this is not always the case.
    I would think what should be more important to you, if you
    are interested in purchasing this bird, is how it reacts and
    behaves towards you. Since birds of this type have quite a
    long life span, chances are you would have him for quite a
    Even if he is older, if he's sweet towards you, he'll make a
    fine companion regardless of his age.

    Good luck in your decision.