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Re: D.Y.H. Amazon Parrot

Posted by Karen on 2/21/07
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    On 2/13/07, Hal wrote:
    > On 2/13/07, Sharon wrote:
    >> I seen a beauthful D.Y.H amazon at a local pet store.
    >> However the bird is not banded. When I ask how old he\she
    >> was. At first the man dident say anything then he said
    >> three years old. Are there any singes I can look for that
    >> would tell age? Thank you verry much for your time, and
    >> God Bless
    > It's very hard to tell an age of a bird from physical
    > characteristics. Sometimes, but not always, the skin of the
    > feet and condition of the nails can indicate age to a
    > eye, but this is not always the case.
    > I would think what should be more important to you, if you
    > are interested in purchasing this bird, is how it reacts and
    > behaves towards you. Since birds of this type have quite a
    > long life span, chances are you would have him for quite a
    > while.
    > Even if he is older, if he's sweet towards you, he'll make a
    > fine companion regardless of his age.

    02/21/07 DYH's yellow on their heads changes as they age. A
    very young DYH has very little yellow on the top of their head
    near their beak. A very mature DYH has a fully yellow head,
    neck area included. I've had my DYH since he was a few weeks
    old and he's now 15 years old. His head to about 1/4" behind
    his eyes is yellow and he's yellow under his beak about the
    same 1/4" - so most of his head is yellow, but not quite to
    his neck area. They live a long time though - sometimes 40 -
    60 years so even if he's mature, you may have many happy years
    with him. Also, look into rescues - many birds are being
    practically given away because the people don't have time for
    them anymore. Friendliness depends on the bird. DYH's can be
    moody. Hope this helps! ~Karen