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Re: Need advice...

Posted by Mickie on 2/22/07
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    On 2/20/07, Angela wrote:
    > For the past 8 years I have had 2 cockatiels. One of them
    > pasted away recently when she had an egg rupture inside
    > her.
    > I am grief stricken, but my concern is for my other bird.
    > She has never had to be a solo bird. She seems very
    > depressed and she spends the first part of her day all
    > alone until I get home at night. I would like to get a new
    > second bird but I honestly do not want to get another
    > cockatiel. I have had so much trouble with their chronic
    > egg laying along with other issues. For selfish reasons, I
    > would like to buy a bigger bird. But I need a new companion
    > for my little one. I have had friends’ birds over to my
    > apartment in the past and my birds have just been afraid of
    > them. Are there any other breeds, like maybe a green cheek
    > conure- that are more likely to become pals with my lonely
    > little girl?
    > Please advise.
    > Angela

    I'm sorry about you loss Angela. I lost one of my little
    lovebirds a few months ago and I'm still grieving for her.

    Have you thought about a quaker as a companion for your
    little one. I have two cockatiels and my 4 year old one has
    bonded with my quaker. They love to play together and follow
    each other everytime I put them in the playground.
    At what age did your cockatiel started laying eggs?
    Good luck.