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Re: Need advice...

Posted by Angela on 2/23/07
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    Both my girls started laying eggs at the same time. They seem
    to set each other's hormones off. One was 2 and the other just
    1 years old. The one I have left right now wants nothing to do
    with me and is nesting and preparing to lay eggs in the spot
    where my one that died had nested. Both my tiels shared a home
    with a Quaker once and showed no interest in him at all. He was
    quite aggressive and had behavior problems due to a lack of
    understanding during his upbringing. Quakers can be fairly loud
    and I live in an apartment. That's why I was thinking a
    Pyrrhura Conure may be a good idea. But I heard they can be
    territorial. I think unless I get another tiel, which I am
    still not wanting to do, it is going to be a toss up. I just
    want to make an educated decision.

    I truly hope things work out for the best.