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Re: Need advice...

Posted by Mickie on 2/24/07
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    On 2/23/07, Angela wrote:
    > Both my girls started laying eggs at the same time. They seem
    > to set each other's hormones off. One was 2 and the other just
    > 1 years old. The one I have left right now wants nothing to do
    > with me and is nesting and preparing to lay eggs in the spot
    > where my one that died had nested. Both my tiels shared a home
    > with a Quaker once and showed no interest in him at all. He
    > quite aggressive and had behavior problems due to a lack of
    > understanding during his upbringing. Quakers can be fairly
    > and I live in an apartment. That's why I was thinking a
    > Pyrrhura Conure may be a good idea. But I heard they can be
    > territorial. I think unless I get another tiel, which I am
    > still not wanting to do, it is going to be a toss up. I just
    > want to make an educated decision.
    > I truly hope things work out for the best.
    > Angela

    My Quaker is quite loud and territorial but for some reason my
    Tiel bonded with him, they look forward to playtime together.

    I have 8 birds and find my Tiels are the best and easiest to
    care for. I enjoy all of them but when someone asks me what
    would I suggest for a first bird I always say a Tiel would be a
    good choice.

    I don't know much about Conures, except that they are beautiful.
    My 4 year old has never laid an egg and I'm terrified about it.
    Hope everything goes well. I'm sure you will choose the right
    companion for your little one.