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Re: Need advice...

Posted by Fran on 2/26/07
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    Angela, I am sorry to hear of your loss.

    First thing you want to consider is measures to stop your
    remaining tiel from laying. You should rearrange the cage so that
    she doesn't have the "nest" available where the other tiel layed.
    Also, be sure she is on a good diet which supplies the adequate
    amount of calcium. You may also want to move the toys around in
    her cage or buy her new toys to keep her occupied during the day
    when you are gone. If her laying cannot be stopped and is
    excessive you may want to check with an avian vet in your area and
    ask about lupron shots. This is a hormone which is very helpful in
    stopping laying, but try other methods first.

    Also, this may be a good time to try and tame your bird. Have you
    ever worked with her? If you don't feel like you can train her and
    decide to get another bird, I would recommend another tiel, but
    let each one have their own cage. They can talk during the day and
    provide company for each other. You may want to get a playpen that
    they can share and interact on when you are home to supervise.

    My last bit of advice would be to look around at sanctuaries or
    shelters in your area and try to adopt a needy cockatiel. There
    are many available that need good homes. Good luck to you.