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Re: How much do congos sell for if not weaned

Posted by Paul jr on 2/24/07
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    On 2/24/07, need to no asap wrote:
    > On 2/23/07, paul jr wrote:
    >> On 2/23/07, need to no asap wrote:
    >>> Hi I was looking to see how much do unweaned babies sell
    >>> for compared to weaned babies can someone please help me
    >>> on this
    >> Whatever your price is on weaned bird unweaned at 3 weeks
    >> is half.Dont believe people when they say they have
    >> handfeeding experiance that means they fed a cockateil 12
    >> years ago.
    >> Paul Jr
    > well I got offered 450 for a unweaned congo which I never sold
    > an unweaned baby before I have always handfed adn this guy is
    > askin me to sell the baby unweaned

    We have alot of pro handfeeders all they do is buy unweaned
    from diff breeders so their business is good because they
    actually dont breed birds just handfeed and some of them are
    very very good handfeeders and 450 is to cheap buy the way.

    I sale 1250.00 weaned but im considered retail...ive been
    looking around and most breeders are around 1100.00 now for
    a weaned congo.

    What determines price is the area you live in and how many you
    produce for the year. I know some breeders produce over 250
    congos per season and that price seems to be 900 weaned.

    I wouldnt sale unweaned unless you produce lots of babies at
    once then it might be best for specialist handfeeder to take

    Paul Jr