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Re: How much do congos sell for if not weaned

Posted by The Bird Lady on 4/04/07
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    wow, changed your position pretty fast. It is extremely irresponsible
    to sell unweaned birds to people that have no clue how to feed a baby
    human let alone a baby bird! It is a complete MYTH that an unweaned
    bird will bond better with you.. the FACT of the matter is that an
    unweaned bird has a much greater risk of DEATH with a new owner than a
    weaned bird. So, please if you are going to sell these birds, be
    smart about it!

    On 3/01/07, Pa wrote:
    > On 2/26/07, Fran wrote:
    >> Does the welfare of the bird weigh into your decision at all, or
    >> is it just about the money?
    > I care about my birds all of them each and every one of them. Thanks
    > why I come on here for advise! and after hearing all this I am going
    > to deside to sell when WEANED