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Re: How much do congos sell for if not weaned

Posted by Martha on 4/05/07
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    You can't judge everyone by the actions of one or a couple of people.
    There are alot of people that do know how to handfeed and not just a
    cockatiel. I have handfed birds for over 20 years and I buy unweaned
    babies all the time. I live in an area where I cannot keep loud breeder
    birds and therefore I buy unweaned whenever I can get them. I am a very
    caring and loving person and give all my babies the time and love they
    require. I am a stay at home mom and have the time to do that. So
    don't go around talking bad about everyone that buys unweaned birds.
    People that sell unweaned just need to screen and get references from
    the people they are going to sell to.

    On 4/04/07, The Bird Lady wrote:
    > wow, changed your position pretty fast. It is extremely irresponsible
    > to sell unweaned birds to people that have no clue how to feed a baby
    > human let alone a baby bird! It is a complete MYTH that an unweaned
    > bird will bond better with you.. the FACT of the matter is that an
    > unweaned bird has a much greater risk of DEATH with a new owner than a
    > weaned bird. So, please if you are going to sell these birds, be
    > smart about it!
    > On 3/01/07, Pa wrote:
    >> On 2/26/07, Fran wrote:
    >>> Does the welfare of the bird weigh into your decision at all, or
    >>> is it just about the money?
    >> I care about my birds all of them each and every one of them. Thanks
    >> why I come on here for advise! and after hearing all this I am going
    >> to deside to sell when WEANED