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Re: Fosters and Smith catalog

Posted by Kel on 3/30/07
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    On 3/30/07, Rose wrote:
    > It's annoying to find a toy your bird loves in a store and when you go
    > back to buy another one like it, you find out you bought the only one
    > and they aren't going to restock it for a while. I cleaned out the last
    > pet store I went to. I will check F&S to see if they have the ones my
    > guys like.

    Exactly Rose!!!! I finally found these particular toys that mine likes
    and thats it, they don't have them at the stores. They are always out of
    them, but they had like 20 of them when I first bought one. I found them
    in F & S catalog though! Good luck toy hunting :)