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Posted by Sunny on 4/03/07
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    On 4/01/07, baxter wrote:
    > And I'm sure a lot of people dont care for your tone, because I got
    > the same message from reading your post. why the all caps in your
    > name, that's considered offensive online.
    > On 3/29/07, THANK YOU wrote:
    >> On 3/29/07, ENGLISH?? wrote:
    >>> It means that there is no guarantee you will find the item in a
    >>> store? Why are you picking on kel's response??
    >> Thank you for clarifying that for me. Wasn't picking on Kel, just
    >> didn't register the way I read it.
    >> Oh, and I don't care for your tone.

    Why stir up trouble?? That conversation was cleared up & did not
    concern you..... Cap letters are not offensive, so leave ENGLISH alone
    & mind your own business, Noone asked you. By reading your notice
    about "scams" it just seems as though you have nothing positive or
    nice to comment about on this site.... Have a great day! Do ya like
    that tone??