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Posted by baxter on 4/14/07
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    On 4/03/07, Sunny wrote:
    > On 4/01/07, baxter wrote:
    >> And I'm sure a lot of people dont care for your tone, because I got
    >> the same message from reading your post. why the all caps in your
    >> name, that's considered offensive online.
    >> On 3/29/07, THANK YOU wrote:
    >>> On 3/29/07, ENGLISH?? wrote:
    >>>> It means that there is no guarantee you will find the item in a
    >>>> store? Why are you picking on kel's response??
    >>> Thank you for clarifying that for me. Wasn't picking on Kel, just
    >>> didn't register the way I read it.
    >>> Oh, and I don't care for your tone.
    > Why stir up trouble?? That conversation was cleared up & did not
    > concern you..... Cap letters are not offensive, so leave ENGLISH alone
    > & mind your own business, Noone asked you. By reading your notice
    > about "scams" it just seems as though you have nothing positive or
    > nice to comment about on this site.... Have a great day! Do ya like
    > that tone??
    I dont' need to stir up trouble here. I"ve been coming here for at
    least 4 years now and it is the same now as it was when I first started
    posting here. It is everyone's business when you post it on a message
    board, if it isn't then maybe email would be better for the personal
    attacks you guys love to give each other.