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Post: Mustache Parakeet?

Posted by cheri on 3/02/07

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    Hello....does anyone out there have a mustache
    Parakeet ...would love to chat with you,, we just brought
    one in to our flock... She has plucked so I have her on
    the Camomile tea and Aloe Juice bath... maybe she will get
    her feathers back.. she is eating good food for her now
    besides just a seed diet , I have offered her many
    different fruits and veggies she seems to enjoy as well as
    cooked food.. She came in a cage with two perches and one
    toy... we went and got her a comfy rope perch some tree
    perches,, and a variety of toys as well as a mineral
    block.. she has alot of out of cage time now she did not
    have before and talks alot...not sure what she is saying
    but she seems to be content with her situation.. I am
    excited to have her as part of our family and would love
    to chat with other Mustache owners... I have been reading
    alot on them thru googled websites..
    Look forward to hearing from you

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