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Re: blind parrot

Posted by Rose on 3/08/07
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    On 3/05/07, . wrote:
    > I live with a blind parrot and would appreciate some
    > advice on how to enrich his environment. Do any of you
    > live with a blind, or maybe almost blind bird? How is
    > your set up, etc? Thanks. You can e-mail me at :

    I don't have a blind parrot but something I do for my birds
    may be interesting to yours. I have tapes of bird calls for
    blind people from Cornell Labs. They have a person talking
    and then the bird calls that match. Mine find this
    entertaining and they try to imitate the wild birds' calls.
    I would just try to think about blind people situations.
    Unlike other birds, I would not move the stuff around in his
    cage. Keep it the same so he can use dishes, toys, etc. as
    landmarks and find his way around. Toys that make noise,
    such as bells, might be interesting, as would crinkly
    sounding toys. He may appreciate having the TV left on
    while you are at work to a children's channel. He might
    also enjoy the warmth of being placed in the sun for a
    while. If I think of anything else, I'll post again. Good
    luck with your bird.