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Re: Stolen Eclectus

Posted by Angelina on 3/15/07
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    On 3/15/07, Abigail wrote:
    > On 3/15/07, Karen W wrote:
    >> Abigail, there isn't one lick of info given in your post about
    >> this incident. A few details might help. Also, you may want to
    >> post this on
    >> On 3/14/07, KittyJ wrote:
    >>> On 3/14/07, Abigail Holt wrote:
    >>>> My Familys pet was stolen from our home on friday. So i
    >>>> just wanted to give people a heads up. It was a male
    >>>> eclectus.
    >>> Where are you located. Also if you could give us more info
    >>> on your ekkie, personality, certian/special things he does
    >>> for you, noises, talks, this will really help.
    > well i have a reason why there havnt been any updates on my
    > ekkie. its due to me programming my off in .net and learning so
    > much from it in this past few months. ive re-written 3 web apps
    > of theives that have commited this crime. i have at my work that
    > is done in classic asp. at the same time i have been grinding at
    > it a lot because tommorow i have an interview for a lead bird
    > behaviorist position. i really believe i have a good chance on
    > getting it. my oh my. its funny its like my brain is absorbing
    > all this stuff like a sponge. i dont believe how easy i am
    > understanding this stuff. going basic controls, ado access, and
    > understanding security really well in birds.

    I guess you really don't want to find your eky. You posted all
    that and still didnt even tell us what state you are in or any
    other info. ...............nevermind then