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Re: Alexandrine parakeets

Posted by Mikey on 3/21/07
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    On 3/21/07, Valerie wrote:
    > Can anyone please give me thier opinion on the Alexandrine
    > as a pet. I have read alot of info. & would appreciate
    > only opinions of people who have actally owned them.
    > Thanks!

    Alexandrine Parakeets are very independent birds, much like
    the other members of the Psittacula family. Although not
    often physically affectionate towards their owners, they do
    like to be interacted with and talked to. They love to play
    outside of their cage, but are also content to be in their
    cage playing with toys. They love to chew, so soft-wood toys
    are a must.They're moderately loud.It's better if you ask
    specific questions because all parrots can be different from
    each other, even if they're the same species. Just what do
    you wanna know about?