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Re: Alexandrine parakeets

Posted by Mikey on 3/22/07
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    On 3/22/07, Valerie wrote:
    > On 3/21/07, Mikey wrote:
    >> On 3/21/07, Valerie wrote:
    >>> Can anyone please give me thier opinion on the Alexandrine
    >>> as a pet. I have read alot of info. & would appreciate
    >>> only opinions of people who have actally owned them.
    >>> Thanks!
    >> Alexandrine Parakeets are very independent birds, much like
    >> the other members of the Psittacula family. Although not
    >> often physically affectionate towards their owners, they do
    >> like to be interacted with and talked to. They love to play
    >> outside of their cage, but are also content to be in their
    >> cage playing with toys. They love to chew, so soft-wood toys
    >> are a must.They're moderately loud.It's better if you ask
    >> specific questions because all parrots can be different from
    >> each other, even if they're the same species. Just what do
    >> you wanna know about?
    > Are they prone to screaming?? Are they similar in personality
    > to the Indian Ringneck (I am deciding between the two)Will a
    > 24x24 cage do? Also, do males or females generaaly make a
    > better pet? Thanks!

    Sometimes, they can be loud but they aren't screamers. They yell
    a lot of they're neglected for long periods of time(days)
    Actually, they whistle quite a lot. Some say they have a talent
    for talking a little. Maybe,. maybe not. I haven't come across
    any talkers but that doesn't mean that they don't exist.
    They're very similar to Ringies but Ringies are a little more
    possessive. Depending upon the owner, that can either mean a lot
    or very little. To me it's not even noticable.
    Males and females are basically alike pet wise but if a person
    owns a male and female, they must be kept separate. Females are
    a little more jealous if they're housed together and are quicker
    to bite both the owner and sometimes the other bird. If you have
    2 of them, each needs an equal amount of attention.
    The cage you mentioned is fine as long as you intend to give an
    Alexy or a Ringy a decent amount of time out of the cage. If
    not, 28 x 22/24 or 30 x 26 is better. It never hurts to give
    the parrot a larger cage.