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Post: Pionus Wheezing

Posted by Janice on 3/22/07

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    I have a White-Capped Pionus. Sometimes when I am petting
    him he wheezes. So I back off and he comes following and
    asks me to continue petting his head. Now, I have heard
    that they wheeze if they are frightened or nervous (he is
    a rehome and did wheeze quite a bit in the beginning but
    has now calmed down)... but is it possible that he could
    be wheezing because he is content??

    At first I thought it was just because he was fed up of
    being petted, so I stopped, but then he asked for
    scritches again.

    Also, it is a Pionus thing to bend their heads so far down
    it touches their perch when they want scratches?
    Sometimes when I ask him to step up he just sits tight and
    leans his head agianst my finger and fluffs up. I've
    never had a bird who's done this before... he just wedges
    himself on his perch and almost demands to be petted...


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