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Re: Pionus Wheezing

Posted by Rose on 3/26/07
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    On 3/22/07, Janice wrote:
    > I have a White-Capped Pionus. Sometimes when I am petting
    > him he wheezes. So I back off and he comes following and
    > asks me to continue petting his head. Now, I have heard
    > that they wheeze if they are frightened or nervous (he is
    > a rehome and did wheeze quite a bit in the beginning but
    > has now calmed down)... but is it possible that he could
    > be wheezing because he is content??
    > At first I thought it was just because he was fed up of
    > being petted, so I stopped, but then he asked for
    > scritches again.
    > Also, it is a Pionus thing to bend their heads so far down
    > it touches their perch when they want scratches?
    > Sometimes when I ask him to step up he just sits tight and
    > leans his head agianst my finger and fluffs up. I've
    > never had a bird who's done this before... he just wedges
    > himself on his perch and almost demands to be petted...
    > Thanks.

    I don't know about the wheezing but every mating season
    (now) my TAG female does the same thing about refusing to
    budge and come out and wanting to be petted on the perch in
    the cage for sooo long. She doesn't do it the rest of the
    year. Do you have a female Pionus?