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Re: To clip or not to clip. The ongoing saga

Posted by Debby on 4/07/07
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    MKAY, thanks for sharing that, and its also nice to see you. I
    hope everything is going well in your world. Was good to see you
    if even for just a few moments.


    > On 4/05/07, Dave wrote:
    >> On 4/05/07, MKay (remember me? HA!) wrote:
    >>> I just HAD to share this movie clip with you from the MSN
    >>> website. Click on the link, scroll down a bit and click
    >>> to watch the video when you see the pic of the cockatoo.
    >>> This man could've spent $7-12 dollars to have his guy
    >>> clipped. Instead, the cost of rescuing the OWNER is not
    >>> yet tallied.
    >>> (( I wonder if he would've just left the cage out, if his
    >>> bird would have returned safely without all of the media
    >>> coverage? ))
    >> God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds
    >> and invented cages.
    > If man would have stayed out of the trees, never would have a
    > parrot been caught!