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Post: Tellington TTouch Workshop for Birds

Posted by New York Bird Club on 4/07/07

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    Saturday, April 14th
    Tellington TTouch for Birds Workshop
    By Mary Bruce, CTTP and Peggy Marks, CTTP
    Co-Founders of Mindful Tails

    Time:1 - 4 pm

    Location: 242 E. 53 Street
    3rd Floor
    New York, NY
    (next door to Quest Book Shoppe)

    TTouch for Birds Workshop will provide a foundation in the
    basic TTouch, which can then be used on your own pets.

    The Tellington TTouch® Method of Training is a focused
    approach to animal care and behavior modification. TTouch
    also provides a foundation for a gentler, more enjoyable,
    stress-free relationship with your animal companion. This
    revolutionary and gentle method can be used as a stand-
    alone training tool or in support of other training
    methods; for wellness care and in support of veterinary
    care. The TTouch Method consists of circular TTouches,
    stroking and lifting TTouches, Body Wraps, Leading
    Exercises, and the Confidence Course.

    How can TTouch® help your pet?

    Behavioral Training
    Because it actually teaches animals how to feel
    differently about themselves, it directly addresses many
    behavioral issues through boosting self-esteem and
    confidence. It also aids focus and clarity of direction,
    stress reduction, and respiration.

    Wellness Sessions
    TTouch promotes optimal performance and wellbeing by
    supporting your animal's health and veterinary care, and
    is an effective complement. It assists by boosting the
    immune system, facilitates circulation and respiration,
    and helps alleviate pain and discomfort. Aging animals can
    benefit with improved quality of life and TTouch assists
    with recovery from illness or surgery.

    Mary Bruce, CTTP and Peggy Marks, CTTP run Mindful Tails,
    a company that provides TTouch and other services for
    cats, dogs, birds, small mammals, farm animals and others.
    They are Guild Certified Practitioners of the Tellington
    Method of Training, Rehabilitation and Wellness for
    Companion Animals, licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators, Reiki
    Practitioners, educators, and members of the APDT. You can
    find Mary and Peggy at the Ask the TTouch Practitioner
    booth at Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals/Maddie's Pet
    Adoption Festivals in NYC. They also work closely with a
    number of animal welfare organizations, using TTouch in
    TNR (trap, neuter and release) and rescue. In their work,
    they host lectures, demos, and workshops on TTouch for
    veterinary staff, trainers, and individuals, as well as
    working with private clients. They are authors of articles
    on TTouch and other pet-related topics, as well as the
    editors of magazine.

    Workshop Admission:
    $25 for members; $35 for non-members

    Kindly RSVP.

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