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Re: New Parrot Forum .. Not as much BS as birdmart!

Posted by petey on 4/12/07
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    On 4/12/07, Also MUCH more informative!! wrote:
    > Hi everyone! If you've ever posted a question on here and
    > been slaughtered by some of the insensitive idiots on here
    > you probably don't want to post anything again. I know, I'm
    > one of those people. It's not worth the fight to get a
    > simple question answered. Try this new forum, the people
    > are much nicer and much more knowledgable.
    > Thanks for reading!

    ****MUCH more informative****???? You've gotta be kidding.
    That's just another average run of the mill board that has
    people giving out guess work answers to silly questions and
    they know nothing about the larger birds. Getting nasty
    feedback here???? Just don't come around anymore. Since you
    don't have a normal user name now, that means you didn't
    have a real user name in the past so the people here won't
    miss you since they have no idea who you are nor do they
    care to find out because someone with no name doesn't exist.