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Re: Not as much BS as birdmart! But Tons of Bird Beggers

Posted by Lora on 4/12/07
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    I just clicked over there and there were two huge ads running
    looking for free macaws, (you don't want get me started on these
    forever homes, NOTHING IS FOREVER!! I personally pulled 6 large
    birds from a house that shouldn't have had a fly living in it and
    she was a "forever home") then I looked in Buy/Sell, and many more.
    One guy Russman? was begging for birds but yet in his online
    profile under interests he states he is a bird breeder and seller?
    And Birdmart is bad? Atleast when we sign on we don't have to look
    at bird beggers!
    And Paul, shut up and go run your mothers bath like she likes it!