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Re: Not as much BS as birdmart! But Tons of Bird Beggers

Posted by Paul Jr on 4/12/07
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    On 4/12/07, Lora wrote:
    > I just clicked over there and there were two huge ads running
    > looking for free macaws, (you don't want get me started on these
    > forever homes, NOTHING IS FOREVER!! I personally pulled 6 large
    > birds from a house that shouldn't have had a fly living in it and
    > she was a "forever home") then I looked in Buy/Sell, and many more.
    > One guy Russman? was begging for birds but yet in his online
    > profile under interests he states he is a bird breeder and seller?
    > And Birdmart is bad? Atleast when we sign on we don't have to look
    > at bird beggers!
    > And Paul, shut up and go run your mothers bath like she likes it!
    > Lora


    Wait till you see my new black cockatoos ohhh babyyy!!! so not even you
    can piss me off

    What worries me how many of the 6 birds did you kill is the question
    Lora? oopsss left cage open another dead bird..poor poor birds

    Paul Jr