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Re: For the record

Posted by Lora on 4/12/07
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    I am NOT and never have run a rescue nor have I ever begged for birds,
    equipment, food or anything to do with birds. On the flip side, I have
    helped people rehome thiers by doing interviews and calling for references
    (never having the bird in my possession), clipping the wings of birds of
    elderly people living in housing. I have donated money, bird food and many
    cages to people in need of them for the sake of their birds. Just yesterday
    I taught someone how to clip her B&G's wings and next week I am going back
    to show her how to do his nails. I gave her pellet food and showed her how
    to make toys all for the happiness of the bird. I told her a lot of things
    she never knew about her bird. That was almost two hours there and two hours
    Those two bare eyeds were owned by a friend of a friend, I didn't ask for
    them I was offered them, I took them in because they needed a home! All my
    birds are PETS, with the exception of a pair of B&G's (which I purchased at
    fair market value) and the bare eyed male (and he will NEVER be put into
    breeding again)