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Re: You need to stop right now Paul/ lora karma

Posted by petey on 4/12/07
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    On 4/12/07, Paul Jr wrote:
    > On 4/12/07, Lora wrote:
    >> Paul,
    >> Your an ass, plain and simple. Theres a thing called Karma and you
    >> will get yours for the hateful things you say.
    >> I am done with you, go brush your Mothers hair like a good lil boy
    >> Lora

    Wow, I never knew that Paul Jr had a mother complex but I'm glad that it's
    finally out in the open. It explains so many, many things. Being in the
    closet must be rough. Maybe mommy brushes his hair washes his tushy when he
    goes poo poo. Probably no other female could measure up to his mommy cause
    mommy treated him real good in so many different ways. So, Paulie says 'who
    really needs another woman' ?
    > Im just returning your karma lora look how you treat me..actually your
    > one of my favorite chatters as in nutz so I find you fascinating and
    > funny funny
    > Paul Jr